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    Mrs. Roden’s 4th Grade Classroom


    • Classroom Announcements


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    • Class Schedule


      7:30 – 8:00 Morning Work Word Work                               

      8:00-8:55 Science

      8:55-9:55 Specials/Planning

      10:05-11:30 Math Block

      11:30-11:50 Social Studies

      11:50-12:15 Lunch

      12:15-12:25 Homework Check

      12:30-12:45 Recess

      12:45-1:00 Read Aloud

      1:00-2:30 ELA

      2:30-2:45 Dismissal 


      Specials Rotation:

      Day 1: Technology

      Day 2: Art

      Day 3: Music 

      Day 4: P.E

      Day 5: Library

      Day 6: STEM Lab


      • Homework


                              Today's Date is 1/4/16

        • Wordly Wise Lesson 7b
        • Paragraph of the Week-Good Friend
          • Brainstorm
          • first draft complete 
        • Irregular Plurals and Supporting Details-Worksheet  
      • Topic 5

        Reading Olympics

        1. Log your nightly reading in your agenda. You should be reading 100 minutes per week from the SAME BOOK. 

        2. When you have completed your book, log onto your book blog and begin to blog! Your blog should include:

                               1. The title and author of the book. 

                               2. A brief summary including the main events from the book and a brief description of the main characters. 

                              3. Your opinion of the book. 

        3. Olympic Goals: 

                     6-8 books read before winter break: Bronze Medal 

                     9-11 books read before winter break: Silver Medal

                     12+ books read before winter break: Gold Medal 

                    16-23 books before winter break: Bronze Medal 

                    24-31 books read before summer break: Silver

                    32+ books read before summer break: Gold Medal 

        Books MUST be a 4th grade reading level or above. If you are unsure, check with Mrs. Roden first smile


      • Class Assignments

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