The Fayette's iSchool FAQs

Here are answers to many common questions, and their answers.

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How do I enroll in a course?

You can join a course ("enroll") by any method set by the course's teacher. Contact that teacher for how. If the teacher has set an "enrollment key" (one-use enrollment password), you'll be prompted for it at first access. Fayette's iSchool will give you a hint if you've forgotten. Remember, enrollment keys are just like passwords -- they're case-sensitive!

How do I find stuff here?

For a full treatment of navigation in Fayette's iSchool, see this page. In general, the "Navigation" block provides browsable access to all content to which you have permissions to see. See categories, listed on the site home page. All public teacher webspaces housed here are under All Public Webpages. Except for "Ischool Support," most other spaces are private.

How do I log in?

It depends on who you are:

  • Students and Teachers: Your Fayette County username (full email address) and password work here. Your password is the same one you use to log into your student email or school computer. Your username will be in the format (teacher/adult) or ("stu"=student) for someone named "John Doe").
  • Others. You may log in here only if an account was created for you. See What is Fayette's iSchool? for who can request accounts.


I changed my email address -- now I can't log in!

It's true that you can change your email address to anything (and you should change it to one you actually use), but that doesn't change your login username -- that never changes. For staff and students with accounts in the Fayette Co. network, your Fayette's iSchool login username is always your staff or student email address (, or


Login doesn't work!

  • Students or Teachers/Adults with Fayette Co. accounts. Your iSchool login leverages your Fayette County school network/email account. Contact your school tech coordinator or the Fayette Co. Technology Help Desk to have this problem corrected.
  • All others. If you had a login account created for you here (you're a community collaborator, or other reason) with a good email address entered in it, click the "Login" link at top, and "Forgotten your username or password?" link on the login page.


Where is my course?

Click "My Home" under "Navigation." The courses in which you're enrolled will be listed there. In addition, under "My Home," look for "Courses" as a menu item under "Navigation" -- you can browse to courses by category there.

Why can't I see student work?

If you're a guest: Fayette's iSchool has a few items visible to the open Internet, but most are inside courses, where the teacher is king, and gets to decide. Contact the listed teacher,

If you're a parent: Fayette's iSchool is embedded in the District computer network. With few exeptions, only teachers and students have login credentials which work here. If you want to see your student's work, ask him/her to login for you, or contact his/her teacher, "Guest access" can be configured if the teacher approves -- they should contact Jeffrey L. Jones, the Fayette's iSchool administrator for help.

If you're a student: Many items (including "Assignments') are deliberately not shared between students. You can only see your own. Exceptions are forums, wikis, glossaries. Talk to your teacher about these activities.