Teacher 1.2: How To Request a Course

Teacher 1.2: How To Request a Course This document is the first step in actually getting a class started in iSchool.

Think of a "Course" as a website with the possibility of membership (enrollment). Sites are often called "course shells," since they're empty until you provide content!

Use these instructions either if you wish to use your course shell for a public teacher website, or for interactive use with your students. Those two interests will branch in Step Three, below.


Step 1: Log in...

Use your Fayette County email address and password. iSchool does not know who you are until you do that.

Step 2: Join this course

All interactivity in any Fayette's iSchool course (including the "Teacher's Support Community") requires login and enrollment. The form linked below requires you to be enrolled here. To enrol, expand "Course Administration" in the "Administration" block at left, and click "Enrol me in this course." You will be prompted for an enrollment key - use "teacher" (case-sensitive, without the quotes). You will only need to do this once -- if you return, you can skip this step. (As a side benefit in enrolling, you'll get teacher announcements and updates from iSchool.)

Step 3: Request your course

Use this form if you are requesting a public teacher website template (you will not be enrolling and interacting with students online).

Use this form if you are requesting an interactive classroom course shell for use with your students. (You can include public display -- i.e. parent access -- with this choice if you'd like, so choose this option if you intend to do both, or are unsure.)

After your course is created, you will be notified and given a link to it. You will be the "teacher" in it, and the course will be "unenrollable" and "unavailable to students" (see Teacher #1.3: Settiing Up Your Course").

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