What is Fayette's iSchool?

Online courseware - BlackBoard, eCollege, Moodle - has arrived in Fayette County! On this page are links to a variety of information made available to our guests. See how we do things here, and how teachers and students are using Fayette's iSchool right now!

There are three answers to the "What is Fayette's iSchool question...

  • MoodleFayette's iSchool is Moodle: Moodle ("Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment") is software originally developed by Australian Martin Dougiamas as an open-source project. As such, it is free, and there are literally hundreds of developers working to enhance and improve it.
  • Fayette's iSchool is STLP: The original Moodle install in Fayette County was a Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) project of Paul Laurence Dunbar High student Tushar Patel. It remains a student-supported project, with participants coming from all five Fayette County high schools.
  • Fayette's iSchool is Learning: Named as an "Internet School," teachers and students use iSchool every day...
    • ...to extend their classroom beyond space and time,
    • ...to collaborate with other students and adults anywhere in the world, and
    • ...to leverage powerful technology tools in support of projects and assignments which construct knowledge, and provide for student expression.

Who has access to Fayette's iSchool?

Fayette's iSchool"What can I see if I'm a..."

  • Guest: A few resources (including this page, and a few of the other pages under iSchool Support) are public. Fayette's iSchool also provides public teacher website presences for many of the district's teachers (look for the "Class/Teacher Websites" category under a school category). Some teachers have provided for guest access to their student-interactive courses, though that is up to each teacher.
  • Parent: Parents do not, as a group, have access to closed classes housed in Fayette's iSchool, beyond "guest" access (see above). If you want to see your student's work here, and it's not guest-accessible, ask him/her, or schedule a meeting with his/her teacher. If you're just looking for your student's grades, use the Fayette County Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
  • Fayette County Student: Your district login works here (full email address, and network password). You will need to contact your teacher for access to a specific class. See FAQs and Information for more.
  • Fayette County Teacher: Same as a student, except that Fayette County teachers can request and obtain course shells, whereas students can't. See the Teacher Support Community for more.

Who can join us?

We welcome collaborators from universities, businesses, and other community partners. If you know of a project or class housed here, contact the teacher or Fayette staff member involved. If you'd like to start one, contact us!

  • Parents - Support your student and his/her classmates as they express themselves online! Read, comment, contribute!
  • Teachers/Professors/Professionals - There is nothing more authentic than collaborating directly with students! Be an expert - lead discussions, answer questions, help with resources!
  • Community Members - Support your community school, and the students who attend it! Join discussions, help students, and see education live, and in person!

All individuals outside of Fayette County staff and students must undergo the school volunteer background check process. If you would like to collaborate with us, contact Paula Setser-Kissick - we'll be happy to talk to you!

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